What a Lovely Tracksuit! Savile Row, I Presume?

"London tailors known for bespoke suits have ‘athleisure’ designs..." Extract from Wall Street Journal article by Charlie Wells, 26 Sep 2016

“The tailor Maurice Sedwell has started hanging bespoke driving jackets around the showroom. To the untrained eye, the jackets look like they might be found hanging in the mall. “We wanted to show them our versatility,” says master tailor Andrew Ramroop.

Athleisure, the fashion-industry term of art for sports-inspired clothing, is infiltrating Savile Row, long one of the most sartorially traditional spots on earth. Though sales figures are hard to come by, this new category of clothing seems to be gaining traction with one rarefied group—men willing to pay couture prices for stuff that is supposed to get sweaty...”

“Bespoke athletic-inspired pieces aren’t made of nylon, mind you. For the driving jackets, higher-end materials like silk and cashmere can be mixed with leather and suede. At Maurice Sedwell, a tailor will take a client’s measurements in about a dozen areas, then construct a “toile”—a test copy made from inexpensive material.

About six weeks later, the jacket is ready. Total cost? Around $6,500. That is also the starting price of a typical bespoke suit, says Mr. Ramroop. “They are absolutely worth it,” he says, considering the time and effort that goes into making individual garments by hand.”

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Leather, wool and felt jacket from Maurice Sedwell

Leather, wool and felt jacket from Maurice Sedwell