Wool For All Weathers

On a warm day none of us instinctively reaches for wool. The very sound of it makes us think of wrapping up for crisp winter days. 

But did you know pure wool has exceptional thermal qualities that make you feel cool when it’s hot and warms you on a winter’ day. Pure wool has almost magical properties for the sartorially concerned. 100% natural, it is a renewable, biodegradable and the ultimate versatile all-weather cloth.

Our Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop explains, "Wool is durable and comfortable and stretches with movement which makes it very comfortable to wear.”

In fact, it is a natural insulator which also has incredible resistance to tearing, natural elasticity, and the ability to keep its shape. In the summer it’s excellent odour reduction properties can come into their own, and it can absorb moisture without feeling wet.

In short, it’s the ideal material for the world’s best Master Tailors here on Savile Row.

“As every suit is hand-made at Maurice Sedwell,” Andrew Ramroop continues, “the suit starts its life as a flat piece of cloth to be created for a human figure; We cut and mould the cloth into a three-dimensional form to look smooth and stylish. Pure wool has the qualities to be moulded successfully."

By way of inspiration, we share with you here some Maurice Sedwell designs which are highly suitable for pure wool.