Caring for your Ultra Bespoke suit

Tips for caring for your suit from our Master Tailor

Professor Andrew Ramroop OBE

Professor Andrew Ramroop OBE

Your luxury automobile will not give you the best service if you simply fill it with petroleum and ignore regular service; this is similar to caring for your luxury Maurice Sedwell Ultra Bespoke suits. 

All clothes should be treated with care to ensure longevity and smartness of appearance. When you have invested in a Maurice Sedwell Ultra Bespoke suit this is doubly true. Our Master Tailor, Professor Andrew Ramroop OBE shares his top tips on caring for your suit. 

What is the best way to store your suit?

Handmade suits must be hung on a high quality hanger, like the one we have designed and had made by Toscanini. Our hanger is made from untreated cedar wood which is a natural moth repellent. A quality hanger has a substantial shape to the shoulder and will arch forward slightly, similar to the scapular, therefore supporting the shape of your jacket's shoulders to ensure it's comfortable.  

After wearing, hang your suits in a place where air can circulate. Thereafter if for any reason you are worried about dust for example, you may keep them in a cotton garment bag which will let the wool breath.

What is the best way to pack your suit for travelling?

To keep trousers crease free and secure while travelling with a garment bag, you can take a leaf out of our book here at Savile Row and use what has now been coined the “Savile Row fold”. I have been using this technique for decades, and we still use it when we courier suits to prevent the trousers from slipping off the hanger. 

Simply hold your trousers by the ankles with the hanger between the legs at the thighs, fold one leg through the hanger and gently pull it down so that the hem rests on the crotch. Then fold the second leg over the first in the opposite direction through the hanger.

What is the best way to care for and clean your suit?

Don’t dry clean your handmade suits, take them back to your tailor for spot cleaning, sponging, steaming and pressing - a suit will look like new again after this simple process.