Sartorial Questions: Weddings

"What should men wear when invited to a Spring or Summer wedding?"

Weddings are fun occasions, happy people enjoying a good party, meeting new people and reacquainting with lost friends and family. But what do I wear? Men often agonise as much as ladies when it comes to this question! The answer really depends on the sartorial image that you wish to present.

Firstly, you don't want to give the impression to your hosts that you couldn't be bothered to make an effort for their special occasion. Secondly, you do not want to look as if you are dressed for the office. Therefore, wearing something that will also make you feel special is essential for truly feeling part of the wedding celebration.

Depending on the time of year and location of the wedding and whether the ceremony is held at a church, castle or listed building, you ought to dress accordingly.

For instance, a Springtime or Summer wedding suggests it should be getting warmer, the buds are peeking, the birds are singing and the daylight is lengthening. To help you with your sartorial Spring wedding deliberations, we answer a few common questions.

What are the best colours for a guest at a Spring wedding?

A masculine sartorial reflection of Spring is called for and therefore I suggest a French blue. French blue is a light to mid shade with hints of dark purple.

How can one stand out without eclipsing the happy couple?

Enquire what style of attire the groom plans to wear. If it's a suit, then by finding out what colour or style the groom is wearing means that you can ensure that you don't wear something too similar. It is his day, so make sure there's no competition in colour. But you will always stand out by going bespoke! Commissioning your own sartorial image and getting a suit made especially for you means that you will have a unique garment with perfect fit and total comfort throughout the whole day.

Does a "black tie" dress code mean you have to wear a tuxedo?

If the dress code says morning coat or black tie, you must show that you value the invitation by investing in either of those formal attires. Tuxedo is American speak for Dinner suit and if the invitation asks for formal wear then a black or grey morning suit is the order of the day.

Black is more popular (or common) than grey. If you choose to wear grey, then all three pieces must be the same shade of grey. Greys are less fashionable but it would certainly stand out against every other male guest, as you can seldom hire a good fitting grey morning suit. However, if you choose black, you will have artistic license to wear a fancy waistcoat, neckwear and pocket square.

What footwear will compliment an outfit most effectively?

Avoid lace up shoes as they tend to affect the neatness of how the trousers instep should fall. And lastly, do make an effort to polish your shoes guys!

Images courtesy of águahotels and xlibber