The Ultimate Celebration Suit

Our first stain-proof suits!

Wouldn’t it be a dream if none of our clothes stained? When you’ve invested in a stunning hand tailored tuxedo or business suit, someone spilling red wine or coffee on it at an event could spoil the enjoyment of your entire evening. Maurice Sedwell Ultra Bespoke has the solution to your woes. 

Here at Maurice Sedwell we want our Ultra Bespoke, handmade suits to always look elegant and last. For those of us who attend a lot of events, the risk of staining is to be avoided. So, we are very pleased to be able to bring you our first stain-proof suits!

While the material we use retains the luxurious look and quality feel that you would expect from a handmade Maurice Sedwell suit, the special nanotechnology treatment makes the cloth impenetrable to spills and stain proof, so that water-based liquids simply roll off its surface.

Both red wine and coffee roll away leaving no trace; the breathability of the material is not compromised in any way. In fact, while our fabulous cloth is as comfortable to wear as all of our other luxury materials, it does not even absorb perspiration.

And because the treatment is carried out on the material at nanotechnology level, the protective coating never washes away, meaning that the suit or garment carries these incredible qualities for its entire life.

So, you can drink up and be merry this festive season knowing that you would look as elegant on leaving a party as when you arrived.

Please contact us for more information about commissioning a stain-proof suit.