Supporting Women In The City

This year at Maurice Sedwell we are proudly giving the winner of Women In The City’s 8th Future Leaders Award an Ultra Bespoke suit. The winner will commission the suit according to her own style and needs with one of our expert tailors.

The foreword in luxury, style and elegance, Maurice Sedwell is one of only three tailoring houses on Savile Row to exclusively create totally bespoke suits for their customers. Unlike at most other tailoring houses, our customers don’t simply order a new suit, they commission a sartorial image through a consultation process with our highly skilled tailors.

From the choice of cloth through to such details as the number and positioning of pockets and the shape of lapel, our customers have the freedom to design the suit or garment which will meet his or her needs entirely.

It is not just the perfect fitting of cloth to the body which is the hallmark of Maurice Sedwell - it is that indefinable element of style. Every one of our suits is individually designed, hand cut and hand tailored to the highest standard attainable.

Established in 1938 and incorporated on Savile Row in 1964, our reputation for delivering quality is as solid today as it ever was. Politicians, captains of industry and international business people from all over the world make their way to us with the knowledge that they will be dressed to perfection.

Although Savile Row is often thought of as a men’s domain, at Maurice Sedwell we have cherished our female customers for decades. In fact, over 25 years ago we caused a stir when we placed ladies' garments onto our mannequins in the windows of our Savile Row store.

In fact, our Master Tailor, Prof Andrew Ramroop OBE, particularly enjoys the creativity which comes with tailoring exquisite suits for women. "Women can express their individuality in the way they dress and not attempt to have suits styled like men to be taken seriously," he explains.

"I enjoy the flexibility to be creative and opportunities to design outfits in a vast array of colours, textures and fabrics. Women bring a sartorial freshness to the boardroom, whereas men tend to conform to a traditional image. They express their stylistic needs in a way that makes my job more desirable and encourages me to give them more than they expect from an outfit."

One of our women’s suits should last at least ten years. And we are able to adjust suits to accommodate figure changes, renew linings and adjust lengths in response to fashion changes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries!