Our Master Tailor Trials New State Of The Art Shears

A Master Tailor’s most important tool is his vast experience in knowing the right questions to ask, determining the purpose of a suit and helping to guide a customer in the right direction.

Our Master Tailor’s experience in creating Ultra Bespoke™ garments, cut to fit in harmony with your figure for style, elegance and comfort, are second to none.

But every tailor needs their tools. Andrew Ramroop has used shears from the same company, William Whiteley, for over 40 years. As one of their most valued customers, Andrew was asked to try out their latest product, the EXO, before it goes into production.

Established in 1760, William Whiteley share Maurice Sedwell’s appreciation of bringing customers the ultimate in hand craft excellence. Their new EXO range will be their most ergonomic and beautiful scissors yet.

Andrew declared them to be “Light, precise and comfortable.”

See images of Andrew trialling the EXO scissors in our store at 19 Savile Row below.