The 25 Greatest Black Fashion Designers

Andrew Ramroop profile from Complex Magazine's 25 Greatest Black Fashion Designers

Published by: Complex, 6th February 2013

In 1969, Trinidad-born Andrew Ramroop began a career as a tailor's apprentice. He had tailored his first suit at 17, and his craftsmanship skills brought him success in London, where he had a stint with storied label Huntsman & Sons in the early 1970s.

In 1974, he found a position with Maurice Sedwell—the only shop that would hire a non-white tailor. Ramroop eventually bought the store in 1988, becoming the first person of color to own a shop on Savile Row. In 2008, the Master Tailor founded the Savile Row Academy to train the tailors of tomorrow, and was also handed an OBE honor from the Queen. Ramroop continues to train aspiring tailors at the SRA, while Maurice Sedwell still makes quality suits with him at the helm.

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