The Telegraph: How To Wear Your Suit With Panache

The right suit can give you the edge in business, says Andrew Ramroop, MD of Saville Row tailor Maurice Sedwell

Published by: The Telegraph, 23rd OCtober 2014, by Elizabeth Anderson, and Rebecca Burn-Callander, video by Henry Richards

First impressions count. A sharp suit can be the difference between sealing the deal or losing a potential customer .

Despite the increasing popularity of the smart-casual look, many still rely on the suit to make a smart impression.

Andrew Ramroop, managing director of Saville Row tailor Maurice Sedwell, says that when buying a suit, the first thing you should do is make sure it fits around the neck.

Here are his tips for dressing for success [please click image to the left].


Andrew Ramroop OBE of Maurice Sedwell is an ambassador for the Business is GREAT campaign