Master Tailor: Savile Row

What does it take to be a master tailor on Savile Row?
Published by Beyond Bespoke, The BB Edit, 6th January 2016, Posted by Claire Bowman

The only practising master tailor on Savile Row to be honoured with an OBE by Her Majesty, Andrew Ramroop from Maurice Sedwell tells us why focusing on the little things helps to build the bigger picture when it comes to creating a truly outstanding bespoke suit

Was it always your ambition to be a master tailor?
Rather like a young athlete aspiring to represent his country in the Olympics, my ambition from a very young age was to become a master tailor, learning all the intricate skills required to achieve my goal.

What is it about Savile Row that makes it one of the most famous streets in the world?
The distinctive silhouette, hand-craft tailoring methods and relevance to style and fashion are some of the features that distinguishes Savile Row. At Maurice Sedwell, we do not simply sell you a suit; we consult with the customer on the right sartorial image that would truly make the wearer stand out.

Tell us about Maurice Sedwell and its ethos…
To give the wearer of our suits a feeling of absolute comfort, confidence and individuality. Every suit is individually designed, hand cut and hand tailored to the highest standard attainable. We do not compromise on quality of cloth, materials used or threads in sewing. It is focusing on the little things that matter to building a bigger picture. Hand cut, hand tailored, handsome…

You received an OBE in 2008. What does that mean to you? 
I am immensely proud to have been the only practising master tailor on Savile Row to be honoured by Her Majesty. To be recognised with an OBE as one who shares my skills is important. I have always believed that it is better to train others and give them freedom to leave and seek wider pastures rather than not train to a high enough standard and keep them employed…

What is it about a bespoke suit that makes it so special? 
Bespoken especially for me gives the feeling of a suit that oozes style, elegance, comfort, individuality; unlike ready-to-wear, it is only my body that has been fitted into these garments and not numerous strangers trying on before me and not even purchasing.

How long does it take to create a bespoke three-piece suit? 
From initial consultancy to delivery, the hours to complete a suit is circa 130. That translates to six to nine weeks depending on the customer’s availability for fittings.

Do you have a typical customer? 
Our typical customer is one who does not wish to conform with others but wish to express his or her individuality and success.

Who or what inspires your creativity? 
I am inspired by my customer. At the consultancy stage it is more of our conversation and the leading questions I ask that gives me the insight on the personality I am creating for. By getting to know my customer, I produce optimum results.

Do you have a favourite style of suit?
Single-breasted peak lapels, roll crown sleeves, angled pocket details and double-breasted waistcoat with real grown on shawl collar. The trousers is self supporting with side adjusters and non-turn-up ‘step ankles’ a unique Maurice Sedwell signature style.

How much does a Maurice Sedwell suit cost? 
Starting price for a two piece suit is £5,400 including VAT.

You launched the Savile Row Academy in 2008. What was its aims? 
SRA aim is to teach the intricate skills that are required to become a master tailor. As our mission statement states, ‘ The Pinnacle of Sartorial Excellence, Training the Elite Tailors of the Future’.

Whose style do you appreciate? 
My own. I compete against myself to attain the highest standards but I do appreciate Bentley’s style, Dyson’s innovation and private jets…

Can you tell us your everyday luxury. 
Hand-made shirts, cuff links, comfortable Moreschi shoes, my wife’s cooking (she is an excellent cook).