Recommended: Suit Accessories

The features of a handmade bespoke suit are outstanding in many ways. The silhouette of a Maurice Sedwell's suit flatter your figure with perfect fit, fine tailoring and cloth choice that gives the wearer a feeling of comfort, confidence and individuality because our suits are tailored to our customer's specific wishes.

But all suits require accessories, even those made on Savile Row. As we approach the festive season, many people look to purchase accessories for the man in their life who has everything, including a bespoke handmade suit. With this in mind, here are our recommendations of the very best accessories, from shirts and shoes to luxury cars!

The most essential of all accessories, the shirt! Handmade, luxury cotton shirts are always the most stylish and comfortable option. Both Hawkins & Shephard and Smyth & Gibson and of course Maurice Sedwell hand-make their shirts from only the finest cotton.

Berluti  Shoes

The other absolute essential accessory for any suit is of course elegant, comfortable shoes. At Maurice Sedwell our Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop personally recommends Berluti shoes because they are exquisitely designed and crafted. Berluti has been making shoes for the stylish man since 1895. Offbeat classicism and technical virtuosity denote Berluti's style. While exceptional know-how from four Berluti generations enables the company to offer luxury ready-to-wear footwear, as well as bespoke shoes which combine absolute comfort and unique flair.

Britain has a wealth of fabulous handmade shoe makers, few older than Foster & Sons though. Known as the "shoemaker's shoemaker", Foster & Sons have upheld an uncompromising level of quality and design during their 175 heritage.

For a modern take on the traditional gentleman's shoes, Oliver Sweeney maintain traditional craftsmanship with forward thinking design. They also strive to create perfectly comfortable shoes by using their Anatomical Last tool.

It is of course essential that shoes are very well polished, in order to finish a bespoke suit with the attention to detail required for the perfect sartorial image. Get your shoes polished at one of the many excellent shoe shiners across the UK for the perfect polish. For example: Burlington Arcade mobile shoeshine.

Wallets and cufflinks
All elegantly suited men will have need of both cufflinks and a wallet. And while there are many on the market, at Maurice Sedwell we believe that GTO London offers a unique approach which many of our customers appreciate. For 30 years GTO Engineering has been dedicated to locating, refurbishing and reconstructing antique collectable classic cars. GTO London was established in 2010, producing a collection of men's accessories which are inspired by classic automobiles. Each design owes its distinguishing features to the elegant interiors and components of a classic car. Unique designs and precision engineering by master craftsmen results in a truly sophisticated and masculine collection.

Ties and pocket squares
Pure silk neckwear with a coordinating pocket square will be on all sartorially concerned gentlemen's lists of must-have accessories. Italian artisans Dolcepunta present a luxurious range of exquisitely made items, which are our Master Tailor's absolute favourite.

Scottish company Mr Pocket Square offer something a little different from the usual silk or cotton pocket squares as theirs are crafted from Harris Tweed, perfect for gentlemen who appreciate a "new edge in style for dressing up any suit".

Tie designer Shaun Gordon creates handmade limited edition, luxury ties. The foundation of Shaun Gordon's collection is a group of specially selected fabrics, each of which have triggered memories of personal experiences. Once the fabric is transformed into a tie it reflects the individuality that each person can bring to the same piece through an expression of their own style, enabling the wearer's self expression "to be heard above the noise of the masses".

For those who like to wear an open shirt at the neck, a cravat can be the style solution for certain occasions. Today's dapper gentlemen have reclaimed the cravat, shedding its old fashioned image and bringing it back into the up-to-date image-conscious wardrobe. The Cravat Club offer British made silk cravats.

Belt and Braces
Although Monsieur London offer a beautifully unusual range of all accessories, including gloves and hats, their perfectly understated belts and unusually lovely braces with colourful details stand out from the crowd.

Of course there are the essential accessories, and then there are the ultimate accessories. Master Tailor Andrew Ramroop believes that a limited edition Bentley sets a Maurice Sedwell customer's sartorial image off perfectly! Although other luxury and classic cars will also do!

For those considering gifts for the gentleman who has his suits handmade on Savile Row but which aren't quite in the Bentley league, fine cigars can be an excellent choice for those who partake. Cigar Aficionado Magazine is an excellent source of information.

Coffee and Tea
There are few who aren't partial to an excellent tea or coffee. Our final recommendation, for all budgets, are items from one of the world's best known suppliers of tea and coffee. Open since 1887 and stocking some 80 coffees and 120 teas, as well as confectionery and spices, a visit to Soho's historic Algerian Coffee Stores is as much a treat for the shopper as the recipient of a gift purchased there.

But of course, if you're considering gifts for someone who doesn't already have a Maurice Sedwell suit, why not buy them a custom made suit that will be the pinnacle of sartorial elegance? At Maurice Sedwell we satisfy the mind of a customer with his or her unique sartorial image.