Feedback from Howard A. Rodman

President, Writers Guild of America West.

"We were married this June, and I wanted to wear a suit to honor the occasion.  Some research, and a few chats with knowledgeable friends, led me to Andrew Ramroop of Maurice Sedwell, held to be, in many quarters, the best tailor on the Row.  (This is a chorus to which I now add my own voice.)

I was cognizant that three fittings were customary and, as I am in Los Angeles and the Sedwell establishment in London, began to look at my calendar and at the airlines timetables, wondering if this would even be possible.

By fortunate happenstance, Mr Ramroop had already scheduled a visit to the east coast.  So we were able to expedite the process: my then-fiancée took the measurements here; Mr Ramroop constructed a trial suit in London; I flew to New York and met him for a fitting; then returned to New York a week later for the second fitting. 

Much is elided in the sentence above: Mr Ramroop's wisdom, graciousness, kind guidance, and his absolute dedication to constructing a suit that would, on my wedding day, make me the most comfortable and elegant man in the room.

The fabric we chose was midnight blue, at once subtle and gorgeous; the style was single-button peak lapel with a ticket pocket.  As you can see from the photographs, this was executed to perfection.

There were some final small adjustments to be made, and so the suit made a solo Atlantic crossing the week before the wedding.  It returned, even more exquisitely tuned than when it had left.  It fit as if it were made for me, of course.  But far more, it made me feel what every man wants to feel on his wedding day: a worthy groom--  For which I have the wise and accomplished Mr Ramroop to thank." 

Howard A. Rodman - President, Writers Guild of America West.
Professor, School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California.

Many thanks to to photographer Chaz Cruz for photographic permission.