The Pinnacle of Sartorial Excellence:
Training the Elite Tailors of the Future

The Savile Row Academy is a tailoring school founded by Andrew Ramroop OBE, Master Tailor and Director of Maurice Sedwell, bespoke tailors of Savile Row.
The objective of the Academy is to protect, enhance and develop the value of bespoke tailoring by training aspiring tailors to the highest attainable standards.

The Academy, which is housed on the famous Savile Row, opened its doors to students in January 2008. It provides a unique opportunity for persons wanting to acquire the high level knowledge, skills and experience needed for employment in established tailoring houses around the world or to establish their own businesses.
The SRA course is a flexible modular programme and comprises four advanced study modules in pattern cutting, fitting and remarking; trousers and waistcoat making; and coat/jacket making.


Upon completion of this training, graduates will have the skills needed to secure gainful employment in the tailoring sector, including on Savile Row. Students who complete all four modules are awarded a Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring and Cutting from the Savile Row Academy.

The Academy's training is delivered by highly trained Master Tailors and focuses on the traditional methods of soft-structured hand-craft tailoring, and cutting and fitting in harmony with body shape for style, elegance and comfort.

The SRA has developed its own industry benchmarks which cover the demanding and intricate handcraft skills required to achieve Savile Row's benchmark of excellence.

Andrew Ramroop has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching pattern cutting, fitting and tailoring having taught at the London College of Fashion for twelve years. He has received many coveted awards and accolades and, on two occasions his apprentices have won the prestigious Golden Shears competition.

The SRA is established as a limited liability company and registered charity.

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Comments from SRA Students

"This is to offer my heartfelt thanks to the team at Maurice Sedwell for all the help and warm friendship offered to us all during my short stay in London. I had an extremely nice time at the course, and it was fun to be with Daniel and the rest of the class mates. Daniel was really a very painstaking teacher, and did all he could to make the course a great experience for all... I did have a wonderful time.” - Jazeel Mehta, Managing Director, UUIndia, 2018.

"Thank you for the last 18 months. I have learnt a lot, met good people and finally have a path to a career that I previously thought as being unavailable, and for that I give you my greatest thanks" - Niklas Von Mehren, 2017.

"You have helped me change my approach towards pattern cutting and fittings, now I am focusing more on the body shape and posture than the measurements," - Rahul Chibber, Co-founder Meraki Brothers, 2017.

I "Truly treasure the wealth of knowledge you have imparted. In addition, immensely thankful to you for sharing your time, patience and love for the craft. I feel privileged to have trained under Professor Andrew Ramroop and highly recommend the course and hope to be mentored again soon" - Akshata Bhojania, Menswear Lifestyle Brand Mumbai, 2016. Read Akshata Bhojania's recommendation in full.

"The Academy has acted as a gateway into a world of craftsmanship that I never thought previously attainable, whilst arming me with the tools I need to make my way in it" - Paul White (Apprentice), 2012

"The buttonhole to me depicts what bespoke tailoring is all about - precision, correct tension, patience, beauty and a true sense of satisfaction when sewn correctly" –  Elizabeth Mair Clifford, 2012

"The Savile Row Academy has given me an excellent insight into the world of Bespoke Tailoring. It has helped me recognise and develop skills that I didn’t previously know that I had" – Richard Butler, 2012

Certificate Courses at the SRA

Applications are open for July and September 2019 courses. Please contact with any queries.

The Golden Thimble Award

Focusing on the lifeblood at the heart of Bespoke tailoring, handcraft sewing, the Savile Row Academy is pleased to announce the inaugural Golden Thimble Award. The award will offer the winner a full scholarship at the Savile Row Academy worth £16,900. Find out more about and apply for The Golden Thimble Award.

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