What makes the perfect gift?


A piece of ultimate luxury.

A sartorial dream come true. 

A totally one off garment.


With the gift of an Ultra Bespoke Maurice Sedwell garment for your loved one:

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Email: info@mauricesedwell.com

We will engage them in our sartorial consultation process at Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row. Through this process we will find out all about them - their personality, lifestyle and career - characteristics that will be reflected in their garment. Through one-to-one care this is a unique opportunity to create exactly the garment they require.

Carry out our three stage fitting process - the transition from cloth to suit.

And create a suit or garment from the finest cloth which is cut and created to fit in perfect harmony with your loved one, making their dreams for style, elegance and comfort come true.


Give the gift of world class style, luxury and self-expression!