80 years of Maurice Sedwell Ltd

To celebrate our 80th anniversary, we are pulling back the curtain on our Savile Row store and thrilled to announce:


New Director

Our talented new Director, the youngest Savile Row Director ever,  Daniel Haworth.

Celebrating the lifeblood of Ultra Bespoke™ tailoring, handcraft sewing.

Look around our store at 19 Savile Row and take a journey through different garments marking the eight decades of our tailoring.

Watch our 80th Anniversary Interviews

Announcing the youngest Savile Row Director

"The future of any industry is the people you train and the young people that you actually introduce into the business.  Daniel Haworth, as the youngest Director of a tailoring house in Savile Row, is really the future of Maurice Sedwell Ltd."

Watch Andrew Ramroop on the appointment of Daniel Haworth as Maurice Sedwell's Director.

Master Tailor Daniel Haworth, Director

"I understand the younger generation, the new customer, what they want and the engagement that they need as a consumer..."

Watch Director Daniel Haworth on being one of the new generation of Master Tailors on Savile Row.

The Inaugural Golden Thimble Award

Focusing on the lifeblood at the heart of Maurice Sedwell’s Ultra Bespoke™ tailoring services, handcraft sewing, Andrew Ramroop and Daniel Haworth announce the inaugural Golden Thimble Award. The award will offer the winner a scholarship at the Savile Row Bespoke Academy.

Find out more about the Golden Thimble Award and the Savile Row Academy.

The story of Maurice Sedwell Ltd

Our Master Tailors Andrew Ramroop OBE and Daniel Haworth reflect on the story and quality of Maurice Sedwell Ltd. They share about:

  • The history of Maurice Sedwell
  • Building the business
  • How they are marking 80 years
  • 80 years of quality
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Special Offer

Maurice Sedwell Ltd would also like to make a celebratory offer to their customers, details upon request. Please contact us for details.